6 Popular Types of Office Chairs

The different types of office chairs available in the market places these day often makes it confusing and overwhelming for people to make the right choice. If you are interested in furnishing your remote and or home offices and a bit confused and perplexed concerning the types of work chairs to opt then we urge you to read on to learn and get ideas plus insight on the right office sitting furniture to equip your offices with.

The different types of office chairs to choose

Task chairs

Types of Office ChairsObviously task chairs are the one of the most common types of chair that you are likely to see in most offices. They have slim profiles with most of them having casters or wheel at the base which makes them super easy and sift to maneuver completely under the work desk. In offices with little space to work and move around in, task chairs are the usually the best option to furnish the office with as they known take up little space.

They are designed to allow swiveling in different directions. In offices with work desks that are used by different people who work different shifts, tasks chairs are usually top on our recommendation list because the height of the chair are designed to be easily adjusted to match the comfort level and convenience of different people both tall and short. Aside it being super cheap and affordable, the ability to adjust it to suit the comfort level of different works is perhaps the single most important factor that makes it popular and widely used in most work places and this makes it one of the best office chairs for multiple users in the office premises.

Executive Chairs

executive chairAnother type of chair that is mostly seen in most offices are the executive office chairs. Although it shares some similarities with the task chairs including having wheels and casters, being able to swivel they are however very different and unique from the task chairs because they have a much higher back and head rest, more comfortable and also have padded armrest. Additionally, the backrest of these chairs can easily be adjusted to fit different users comfort level. These extra features makes them to be more highly priced than the task chairs and as the name implies they mostly furnished in offices of top business executives and CEOs.

Guest Chairs

guest chairThese are chairs meant for guest. They are not ideal for long period sitting because their comfort level is not as prominent as that of the two types previously discussed and as such are mean for visitors who often don’t stay long in the office premises. In the office premises, these chairs are mostly positioned in the waiting rooms or next to the desk where the visitor can easily access. Unlike the task and executive chairs, these ones are not padded or equipped with wheels and as such can’t be swiveled. They are mostly designed using solid plastic and wooden materials. They are usually very cheap and very affordable. if you plan for your visitors to stay for a long while, then you should consider getting them some of the most comfortable office chairs.

Mesh Chairs

These are very unique office chairs primarily because the back rest are designed with mesh materials to allow breathing. These are ideal in work places with poor ventilation system because it is designed to allow air to flow freely in and touch your back via the mesh back rest.

Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomic office chairs are mostly designed to offer maximum support to the back and are usually recommended mostly for people that suffer from occasional and frequent back pain. That does not limit its use to only people with serious back problem or those recently diagnose with spine problems. If you sit or intend to sit for long hours then this is definitely the best option to opt for because it is designed to offer its user maximum comfort irrespective of the hour. if you low on budget, then you should consider these best office chairs under 200 dollars.


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